My file below checks if the user is ! logged in, and redirects to login page, or does nothing if user is logged in.

$sid= $_COOKIE['SID']; 	
$uid = $_COOKIE['User']; 	
$lastip = $_COOKIE['Cname']; 	 	

$check = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE SID = '".$_POST['SID']."'")or die(mysql_error()); 	
while($info = mysql_fetch_array( $check )) 	{ 	
if ($uid != md5($info['id'])) {include 'inc/php/endsession.php'; } 		
if ($lastip != $info['LastIP']) {include 'inc/php/endsession.php'; } 
header( 'Location: login.php' ) ;

My problem is how to redirect to login.php if the cookie SID is set, but contains invalid data that does not exist in my database instead of calling mysql_error().

Remove the die() and check with if (!$check) { header(); }

$check = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE SID = '".$_POST['SID']."'");
	if (!$check){

I now have the code above, and it doesn't give any errors, but neither does it redirect to login.php :'(

Put an exit(); after the header.

Still doesn't work! :(

Ok try this instead of assigning $sid to $_POST just leave it as $sid.

Then use this code

if(mysql_num_rows($check) == 0){
   header("Location: whatever.php");

It works! :) :-D

$check = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE SID = '$sid'");
      if(mysql_num_rows($check) == 0){

:) Thanks everyone! 8)

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Just for your knowledge. The reason why


Does not work is because MySql will return a 0 after you make the select call, hence $check will exists.