Hi i'm new to php and i'm developing one admin tool which involves a form.
The form involves more database interaction.
My main interest with this form is to upload images to database with file system which i'm able to do.
My form consists of fields like.....
"Photo Taken by","Number of photos submitted" and so on.All this information is going to store in a main table in database.
Now what i want to do is, i want to fill the "Number of photos submitted" textfield to be automatically filled as soon as i fill the "Photo taken by " textfield accordingly by searching database for this name
Can anyone please help me out with this.
Thank's in advance..

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Show some effort /show us your code - see my post on your other thread.


hey guys i know this is not the right way to post my question but this is my first post and i don't know how to post a question in a forum that's the reason i posted it like this.I'm posting it clearly in my next post please help.


OK, take a little time to read the forum guidelines. You should then avoid falling foul of moderators and miserable old gits like myself.

Use code bbcode (the big horrible (CODE) button on the toolbar above to enclose your bits of code), so you get something like this:

echo "This is a piece of code";

You'll find that the guidelines state that you should show some effort yourself, more often than not, by posting the code you've produced yourself. This is not a free lunch forum or find-a-mug-to-do-my-work-for-me forum. You will receive guidance if you provide the initial work. That's how it's supposed to work anyway.

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Thank's for ur advice anyhow i myself cleared my problem.Thank's for the support

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