hi eveyone
i realy need ur jelp
firstly my english is not verywell so please try to understand me
i am self tought programmer , and i like web developing and i want to be a web developer in php but i dont know how and what i can do to be a web developer in php and i dont know if i need to learn any other language like ajax or perl with php . please tell me everything about being a web developer in php

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please tell me everything about being a web developer in php


OK, here's my opinion, but I'm no expert...

You'll need to be able to do all sorts of different things, as you'll probably not get a job with an agency, if you haven't got a portfolio. You'll need to have a good grasp of pHp (obviously), Javascript (including Ajax techniques), CSS, XHTML/HTML/XML and MySQL. Some idea of Perl, Python and Ruby would be useful, but not essential. You'll also need to be able to produce your own graphics, unless you pay for them or find non-copyright/free to use examples. Some experience with frameworks and templates may help you: jQuery, Smarty, Joomla, Drupal, Codeigniter.

Those are the things I've taught myself over the last 5/6 years. Like you I didn't learn this stuff at University or with a web design company, although I've successfully produced a few sites for paying clients. Lot of work though.

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