Hi Guys,

Hopefully someone can answer this question for me as I'm stuck as to what to do. So the scenario goes like this.

We currently use an access database at our company that contains staff information. I have been asked to design a web page that when a user is typed in the search box on the page the details of that user will be returned. Now this works successfully and I have also got an auto complete search field that pulls the names of the users from the database. The problem is that once someone else has the database open the search box no longer works as it says the file is in use.

What I'm trying to find out is if multiple users can continue to have the database open and at the same time the web page search field can also work.

Below is a snippet of the code I use to connect to the Access database through ODBC.

$conn=odbc_connect("Admin","" ,"");

//Database is called 'Admin'

Any help would be appreciated or if you think there is another way to go about this. Keep in mind the going to a SQL DB is not an option at this stage.



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Disregard my first post Try this one I hope it helps

$conn=odbc_connect('Name of your database','','');

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