Hello every i have been coding in php for sometime and knew about frameworks like zend cake etc. but my real confusion starts here, is it better to write codes without framework or is it better to write code using frameworks.:?::confused:

If you use a framework then a lot of code is already written. Then, depending on your project, you can chose the framework that best fits your specifications. You should see it as a tool for the job.

hi dear,

if you r working on a big projects then only opt for any framework.else
for simple programs you can use wamp.

Wamp and PHP frameworks are not synonymous. Regardless whether you choose a to use a framework, you still need a web server installation, which is what Wamp is.

As for frameworks, my suggestion is to make some quick applications under several of the big name frameworks and get a feel for which you feel more comfortable in. Every framework has its positives and negatives and it really depends on the requirements of your project. For simple one off scripts the overhead of a framework is usually not justified.

mschroeder, monica singh, pritaeas thanx a lot guys i am clear now...:)