I'm new to all this forum malarque, but lets give it a stab!

I need to prove some PHP code works and does what it should for college, but the server doesn't run PHP apparently.

I thought I could somehow get the website to relay what the user has inputted in the form, but I don't seem to be able to make it work.

I'm using an external PHP file

$contactname = $_POST['ContactName']; 
$address = $_POST['Address']; 
$postcode = $_POST['Postcode']; 
$telephone = $_POST['Telephone']; 
$emaddress = $_POST['Emaddress']; 
$enquiry = $_POST['Enquiry']; 

$message .= "Contact Name: \n"; 
$message .= $contactname; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "Address: \n"; 
$message .= $address; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "Postcode: \n"; 
$message .= $postcode; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "Telephone: \n"; 
$message .= $telephone; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "Email Address: \n"; 
$message .= $emaddress; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "Enquiry: \n"; 
$message .= $enquiry; 
$message .= "\n"; 
$message .= "\n"; 

mail("", "Subject: Website (Contact) Enquiry", $message, "From: $email"); 
Header("Location: index.htm"); 

I know I need to edit the last section somehow, but not sure where to start. Looking it up on the Internet I can find solutions that work alongside a database, but I haven't done that...

Any help gratefully received!

header should be lowercase. PHP is case sensitive.

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