i looking for a best way to translate a backoffice content.

A- i can use a separate file each for a lang with all vars.
B- use a table with all data

both of this solutions have a big time to implement and in all areas that i creat
i need add the vars.
there is some best solution for this?
something that can translate all content like google translator?
thanks for your help

One way this is done is define all of your text as variables as follows:

$MOD_NEWS['TEXT_READ_MORE'] = 'Read More';
$MOD_NEWS['TEXT_POSTED_BY'] = 'Posted by';
$MOD_NEWS['TEXT_ON'] = 'on';

That would be your English module (e.g. en.php) You then produce a module with the same variable names with the appropriate translated text for each of the other languages. The French version (fr.php) would look like:

$MOD_NEWS['TEXT_READ_MORE'] = 'En savoir plus';
$MOD_NEWS['TEXT_POSTED_BY'] = 'Posté par';
$MOD_NEWS['TEXT_ON'] = 'à';

These all reside in a languages directory and you include the appropriate version based on a system-wide parameter for language that you set in a config module.

i have something like that:
pt.php -> DEFINE( "_analises", "AnĂ¡lises" );

and in backoffice simple put: echo _analises;
with this i have a lot of work may be someone have a easy way to do this?
something like google translator?
thanks :)