So I received awesome help from here before but forgot to ask at the time about one small thing. He taught me how to exclude my "ID" field displaying and about the implode function in PHP but if I display my data using it is there a way to make the "link" column hyperlinks(for each link listed in the table)?

Here is the code as of right now:

echo "<form action='editpayees.php' method='post'>";
if( mysql_num_rows($query) > 0)

		//save the value of id
		//"erase" ID from $row
		//implode will "join" all the $row elements using '</td><td>' as the 'glue'
		echo '<tr id="data"><td>'.implode('</td><td>',$row).'</td><td style="border: medium none;"><input type="checkbox" name="edit'.$id.'" value="1" />&nbsp;&nbsp;Edit</td></tr>';

And before I would just have done something like:

echo '<a href="fieldname["web"]">fieldname["web"]</a>';

New to PHP/mySQL, but I understand things well when they are explained so any helpful hints to make what I'm trying to accomplish easier would really help, thanks.

try to create the hyperlink inside the <td> tag.
for example:

echo '<tr>';
echo '<td><a href="#">BLAH BLAH</a></td>';
echo '</tr>';

That's what I had before and it worked for that one index in the array cause I called them individually, but now since I'm using the implode function I don't know how that would work because to add it there would cause each field to become a hyperlink of itself, do you see what I mean?

Is this not possible with the implode function? Can I do as I did with the ID field and unset it and then call it individually?