Have some questions regarding First Data Payment Gateway, please reply accordingly.

1) i wanna integrate first data into my site, have read it requires two things, to work port 1129 should be open, and openssl on server.

my hosting company's server is Linux , so do i need to say them to install openssl on port 1129, because they are saying port 1129 is open , but my shopping cart is still not working, when i contacted first data support and provided them the script, script works fine on their server. AM totally confused what to do, please help me. and what is openssl, is that something you require to install on server while developing shopping cart? because hosting company people continuously saying there is nothing installed on port 1129, if you want to use any service, install something on port 1129. please reply ASAP

Well, I guess you need to install the openssl in your server/shoppingcart, as you need this to work on the secure (https) server.

OpenSSL is the actual SSL program provided by the open source software community that let you create your own security certificates in it, but you still need to register the certificate with a recognised certificate agency to obtain an authorisation time stamp and approval.

You need all of the above to accept credit card information on a secure server.

See the Open SSL site to learn more: http://www.openssl.org/