teedoff 3 Posting Pro

I have a page builder that I have built. One of the form fields is for creating a filename for the page being built. This was working correctly until a few hours ago and for the life of me I cant figure out how it got messed up, nor what the problem is.

As of now, no matter what value I type into the filename form field, it always returns "none.html" since I have set the default value="none".

Here is what should be the relevant code for each of the 4 pages I use to create a new page:

Here is the form with the action:

<cfform action="builderAction.cfm" method="post" name="builderForm">
      <th width="258" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Page File Name:</th>
      <td width="253"><cfinput type="text" name="filename" id="fileName" value="#SESSION.fileName#"></td>
      <th width="73" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Page Title:</th>
      <td width="144"><cfinput type="text" name="pageTitle" id="pageTitle" value="#SESSION.pageTitle#"></td>
      <th width="114" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Page StyleSheet:</th>
      <td width="191"><cfinput type="text" name="styleSheet" id="styleSheet" value="#SESSION.styleSheet#"></td>

Here is the application.cfm file that sets the session variables along with session management on:

<!--- Name application, and enable Application variables --->
<cfapplication name="pageBuilder2" sessionmanagement="Yes">
<cfparam name="SESSION.fileName" default="" type="any">
<cfparam name="SESSION.styleSheet" default="" type="any">

Here is the action page where I set the cfparams and also where I cfset the session variables to the values of the form variables:

<cfparam name="FORM.fileName" default="none" type="any">
<cfparam name="FORM.styleSheet" default="none" type="any">

<cfset SESSION.fileName = FORM.fileName>
<cfset SESSION.styleSheet = FORM.styleSheet>

I have been staring at this for a few hours now and cant find the problem so I need some fresh eyes! Thanks in advance, and if anyone needs more code let me know.