Can anyone tell me how to describe coldfusion architecture. I'm being this question consistently in interviews. I cannot find an answer on Internet.
Please help, its urgent and important.


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The architecture is nothing but the flow or the process of the exectution

ClientBrowser------------Webserver--------Application Server-----dab,mail interacting and then return the resulst to the application server and the application server pushes the proceed cfm tag to the webserver and webserver will post the connect to browser.

U will found the diagramatic reprsentaion of above content will found in the below url


When someone mentions ColdFusion architecture, I don't think about the browser. The browser is just the recipient of the information.

When I think of architecture, I think of layers, starting with a solid foundation. In this case, it's Java. At its core, ColdFusion relies on the JVM and the Java framework, so I would mention details about that.


Then I would mention its integrated services (graphics[like charting], Flash, Verity, etc.), and its APIs for integrating .NET, Java, Flash, CORBA, C++, etc.

I think both Satya and Samaru are correct. When we talk about coldfusion application architecture/ web architecture, we go with what Satya is saying.
And when we talk about Coldfusion Server, we go with what Samaru is saying.
It all depends in the context.

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