I'm trying to strip a word out of a variable and echo it out. here is what I mean:


the value of which is INTERVAL 7 DAY

I have this line that includes the variable:

echo"The total number of transaction(s) found within the last $from: "; echo $row["numrecords"]; echo"<br/>";

Currently this line would echo as:

"The total number of transaction(s) found within the last INTERVAL 7 DAY: 25"

What I really want to happen is:

"The total number of transaction(s) found within the last 7 DAY: 25"

Essentially I want to strip INTERVAL out at the echo line. Is this doable? If so any guidance is most appreciative.


Yes this is possible. But the solution will depend on whether the $from variable always starts with INTERVAL, or whether it changes...

If it is always going to start with INTERVAL, then you could use a simple substr() function to cut off the first word. This simply says to print everything after the 8th character, counting I as 0, N as 1, T as 2 etc.

    $new_from = substr($from, 8);
    echo $new_from;

The syntax for substr is

string substr ( string $string , int $start [, int $length ] )

Alternatively, if the first word changes you could look into using explode() (using space as the delimiter)

// Example
$pizza  = "piece1 piece2 piece3 piece4 piece5 piece6";
$pieces = explode(" ", $pizza);
echo $pieces[0]; // piece1
echo $pieces[1]; // piece2 

Thanks for the reply. Your response is quite detailed, I appreciate this. I'll attempt the solution and advise of the outcome. Again thanks!

$new_from = substr($from, 8);

this worked as specified.

Thanks again!