Please Help I am trying to make a counter that when i click a button it adds .01 to a running total. Below is the code I have created but when i click on the button it adds one and deletes the bid button

<input name = "count2" type = "text" value = "$0.00">
<input type = "button" value = "Bid" onclick = "addhour()">
<script type = "text/javascript">

var count = 0
var count2 = 00
function addhour() {
count2 ++;

document.write("$" + count + ".0" + count2);


You need to learn the differences between Java programming language and JavaScript as scripting language.

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To use document.write() successfully, the statement must execute immediately.

Any call to document.write() after the page has fully loaded will cause the entire page DOM, CSS, Javascript - everything - to be completely blitzed, and replaced with the argument passed to document.write().

Your document.write() is embedded in a function which not executed immediately. Instead, it is executed in response to a user interaction after the page has loaded.

Result - BLITZ!