Hey guys, I don't know where to post this but I hope this is the right place.

I just wanted to know if anybody's using Joomla if you are, do you know how delicious works? the site where you keep your bookmarks and can be seen by your friends and the community. So basically, I need the same function like that as to be applied in my own Joomla site. So do you know any sites or whatsoever that discusses how delicious works and something that can be done the same to a Joomla site? Thanks. :)

Hope for experts replies thanks :). (PHP!)

Hi., This one is the basic tutorial site for joomla which provides enough details for beginners to work efficiently and easily create their own websites.. Go through it.. http://www.siteground.com/tutorials/joomla/

If any probs, let me know...

me and my team knows how to work with joomla, we just wanted to know if there is any way we can work through our joomla site that will have the same function most likely like delicious does it, saving bookmarks it can be seen by anyone registered in the server vis-a-vis your friends


by using joomla we have follwin g features
* you don't care about server resources
* you're running (or planning to to run) only one or max a couple of sites
* you don't need one log-in to several sites
* you don't need user groups & permissions
* you don't run membership site(s)
fir more you want to learn go to joomla.org


Hi guys since someone already started a thread here about joomla.i was planning to install it on my computer what are the things that i need to make it work on my computer.

There is a phrase.. “I made it Joomla” witch means my code needs rewriting. If you have nothing to do with programming and you need a ready made Content Management System that it will work then Joomla is a good choice. As long as you don’t want any real logic in the way the view outputs and will not expect a programmer to put his/hers hand in dirt.