Can someone help me understand these operators.


$i = 10;
$t = 5+5;

$i == $t TRUE
$i === $t FALSE

That is an incorrect example

$a = 10;
$b = 5+5;
$c = '5+5';

var_dump($a == $b);
var_dump($a === $b);
var_dump($b === $c);
int 10
int 10
string '5+5' (length=3)
boolean true
boolean true
boolean false

in short what all others are trying to explain you is '==' only checks the contents of both the operands for equality and '===' compares for types (of both operands) too.

The difference between both of them is that :
"==" -> It only checks for equality without checking the datatype
"===" -> It checks for equality and also both the variables should be of same datatype