i am not sure..is there any chance to open my webpage in firefox. for example i am browsing mywebsite using IE. when ever i click link of the page then automatically it will open in firefox. this option is not for all pages only for specified page.


I'm understanding that you would like Firefox to be the default handler for your web browsing. If that's the case, open Firefox and Select Tools in the menu up near the top of the browser. Then select Options, then Select the Advanced Tab. Click on Check Now near the bottom of the page. If your default is already set it will tell you so, if not it will ask if you would like it to be the default handler.

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This sounds as though you've got different default browsers for different webpage extensions. C'mon muralika, give us some more info. What's the file called? ANything interesting in the head area?

thanks for your reply.

we were discussed in the previous thread there is a problem in get the image url in textbox(browser I.E). for this solution i am asking is there any chance to open my webpage in firefox only.

for example i am browsing my website from I.E. i have 3 pages in my website. in those one page default open in firefox or other than I.E. is there any chance to open this page only in other browsers. i mean when ever click this page url it will open in another browser.


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Am I right in thinking that you want to force users to open your page in a browser other than IE? You shouldn't even if you could - and I don't think you can. Why don't you just resolve the IE issue and make it work in that. Sounds like a js thing. If you use a library like jQuery, it should solve your problems.

but there is no google image ids for pick using jquery. thats why i used drag and drop image.