hey people . i have a question and i dont know where to post it .
i want tow wrtie .htaccess file that rewrite the url of my links as well as increate my websites memory , i mean the size of the uploaded files and so on .

i opend too many tutorials but i couldnt understand anything , they use to post some good codes but they done explain them . please tell me how to write .,htaccess codes or please give me a link which can help me .

thanks alot

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the .htaccess goes in the lowest folder it needs to affect. So if it has stuff for the whole site (eg. the location of your error handling files) it should go in public_html or the site's root folder if that is not public_html (on shared hosting)

If you're redirecting a url in a directory that is still available, then the redirection instructions for that url must go in a .htaccess file in that directory, or they won't work.

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