please help me,,
i have made a submit button in my contact us form,,
but the problem is that when i have put echo "Successfuly sent";
it is aligned on the left , and it doesnt look good as a design

how i can add inside echo string something like html to align it to the middle , or give me some ideas ,, the php code is working 100%,,, but i got problems with the page after clicking submit,,,

OR CAN i just add a javascript like a Message box , maybe it is easier,,
PLEASe PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you are viewing the output/result via a browser then try:

echo "<div style='text-align:center;'>Successfuly sent</div>";

it didnt work ,,,,,,, because i have a navigation menu on the left this sentence just came in a line and ruined the navigation bar on the left ,,
what should i do ??
PRINCESS DANI ,, help me u are smart ;) or any others its ok,, coz i am working on this since a long time AND I NEED UR HELP PLEASE !!


you can also try: echo "<span style='padding-left:2em;'>Successfuly sent</span>"; If needed, adjust 2em until it is centered.


im sorry it didnt work because the menu on the left still moves down ,,, PLEASE HELP ME TO solve this problem,, i will really appreciate it

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