I am not sure if my problem belong to this forum. However I am using PHP and hence I will post it here.

I have a secondary database that is MS Access.Curently I have managed to export it to another database of mine in which I can delete and edit the data of the MS Access in my database. However,may i know is there a code for me to use in which everytime the data is being exported from the MS Access to my database, the date which I have deleted/edited would not be overwritten from the exportation?Currently, there is a date column in the MS Access in which this would help keep track of the last updated data.

I have googled it but mostly the Me.LastUpdated = Now() result came out and I believe that is not what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.

You don't provide a lot of details but let's assume that you are using PHP to import this data into a MySQL database. Why do you think the date field will be changed? It won't be changed by the PHP code or by MySQL unless you have written the PHP code to do that. If it is changed as it is exported by MSAccess (which doesn't make sense but anything is possible), then you have an MSAccess issue and that doesn't belong in this forum. What sort of code are you asking for, VB code to run under MSAccess or PHP code? Unless you provide a clear description of the issue and what it is you want, you're not likely to get the answer you are looking for.