I have about 230 photos in a database, all along I have been putting http://domain.com/path/to/image.jpg. I am trying to enable a thumbnail script and it will not work with the http://domain.com on the front of the url. Is there a way I can run a script to go through and delete all of these?

I have all my photos in a table named "photos" with the url in a cell named "path" Maybe there is a script that can call on all the photos and remove that part then overwrite the current path on all the images.


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You could use a simple PHP SELECT and UPDATE

For example:


$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `phototable` ORDER BY `id` ASC");
while($fetch = mysql_fetch_array($query)){
// We get all images in the table by the primary key in this case id

$id = $fetch;
//collect the id or if you are using the image name as the file name then change that

$newurl = "path/to/$id.jpg";
$update = mysql_query("UPDATE `imagetable`
SET `url`='$newurl' WHERE `id`='$id'");
echo"All done! you can now delete this file or script";

I hope that helps and was easy to understand :)

use update query to replace that string.
Assume photos is your table and imageurl is your field..
Take backup of your table before update all these..
try this:

update photos set imageurl = replace(imageurl,'http://domain.com/','')

If you dont' want to update in your database..
then try some php string functions str_ireplace() to replace that string in image path..

wow, that worked great. thanks man!

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