Hey guys

ok so the site i was working on is now live. Love that ajax function of loading pages in divs without reloading the whole page.


But now i've hit another problem because of that.

Adsense wont load on the pages that are loaded within the divs.

If you go to the above site, you will see the index page loads a banner fine. But if you click on one of the job links in the middle div, it loads the jobs details to the right.

There you can see where the adsense block should be, yet it doesnt load.

I've searched all over for AJAX Adsense combo, most people talk about iframes, but without any content in the iframe it would violate adsense TOC.

Most of the discussions are dated back at 2009 or prior.

Does anyone have a working solution for this issue (that wont get me slapped by google)?

Thanks in advance.