me again ...

been google'ing the last 3 days to slide images accross a php page, does anyone know of any to pull these image names from a folder in the directory of a website?


Your post is not very clear, but I am certain that what you are wanting to do is not possible with PHP. - If you are needing something that makes images move around on the page you will need Javascript or Flash (possibly Ajax, even).

Sorry JBLDW, is the following not clear... "slide images accross a php page" ... "to pull these images names from a folder in the directory of a website" ... If thats not clear enough i dont know what is ... lol

I have looked at Javascript, JQeury (NO NOT AJAX IT HAS NEVER RUN ON MY WIN 7 Ultimate, XAMPP MACHINE, have open ticket though for this)

Anyway I have messed with it yesterday and came up with an image slider that pulls the names of the images from MYSQL ... by the end of yesterday i had an image scroller that scrolls images accross the page from any given directory or location on the internet, realy simple code ... and im impressed with myself because I just started learing javascript PHP in the last month or two.

code in action