I am developing a form(PHP) that will accept some data. The data will be displayed on a web page. However, before it is displayed, a moderator of the site has to grant permission to display the data. The way it works 1) A user logins to the site and enters data and waits for moderator permission. 2) The moderator logs in and should be able to view all the data(in the form of rows) that are waiting for his/her permission. 3)Based on different validity criteria, some data can be accepted and some can be deleted. 4) The data that gets accepted goes into a MySQL database whereas the data that gets rejected will not be stored in the database.

Can somebody please explain (with some starting code if possible) on how to implement the above functionality.

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Hello, I cant give you a code because will be too long or you dont understand or is not very good... but anyway, you have to save the Data into a Data Base and when Moderator logs in, in the correspoding section, read this database that has the Data to be verified and show it... then you can choose to edit Data, Eliminate Data or Accept Data... If Data is Accepted or Modified and then Accepted, save it where you want... is your common sense for code...

Show efforts. However I will give you a clue: everything just goes as usual and you just add column called isapproved. When user posts, isapproved is set to 0/false. Then when admin approves it is set to 1/true and if disapproves it get deleted from db. in displaying, show all posts with isapproved set to 1/true

You'll have to enter data in the database anyhow before the moderator approves it or not. Then if the moderator disapproves the data, you can set the flag to "D" or anything in the DB whichever you find easy to code. Then to show the data to the user you can use a select query which checks for flag not in Disapproved or new.
Hope this helps.