Hi all

I have a enquiry form with 15 or more items on it

items like "where did you hear from us"
Options in the dropdown next to it is:


when internet is selected a text box apears
Newsletter shows nothning
magazine asks what magazine in dropdown
Friend shows text box

I neet to learn how to do this with more options on my form

I have things like "do you require transport" YES or NO
then an dropdown must apear asking what kind taxi or car rental.
I have found hundreds of code on google but no tutorial.

I realy want it explained why and how i could write my own, javascript php html

thank you

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This is js. You can use js to hide/show a series of textboxes and supporting labels depending on the onselect attribute. Nothing really to do with php, unless you need help with processing data from the sent form. In addition, some may suggest ajax for this - the server does not need to be consulted with regard to this functionality. Pure js.