I want to make following series..
I try a lot but i am having confusion in loops. so please help me.

So any one have idea about this .

Post what you have tried so far, even if it is not working.

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Increments and decrements, decisions, decisions! This can be done in a reasonably painless way with just a single increment. However, as MS says, show us yer code!

I have write this code.. but it is simple one.

for($a=1 ; $a<=5; $a++)
    for($b=5; $b>$a; $b--)
        echo ".";

    for($i=($a*2-1); $i>=1; $i--)
        echo $i;

    echo "<br>";
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Nah, you just need to keep copying the previous answer and apply the next number front and end.

e.g. current number is 32123 (3rd go)
next number is 4 (4th go) & last number & 4 (4th go)

Don't know if that makes sense. Didn't want to give you the whole thing. I'd start with a default value of 1 for the output and then start incrementing on counter = 2.