for the moment, I'm working on a project where I have to apply filtering as used on one table (using the jQuery datatables plugin) to a next table (which is using the picnet.table.filter plugin).

now, I have been able to retrieve the values used to filter from the original table, and I have been able to put them as filterValues in the other table, but ..
the table does not automatically filter correctly.
I first have to press 'enter' (or add a space) to one of the values. when I do this, the filtering works perfectly.

my problem is, I want this filtering to be applied as soon as I open the page, since the heading of the table will be hidden, and the user is not supposed to have the opportunity to see or change the filter-boxes.

does anyone know if there is an efficient way to simulate pressing enter using javascript?

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thanks for the answer.
yes, I'm using jQuery throughout the application, but unfortunately, I already tried this option. it didn't do what I wanted it to do.

I'm right now trying to solve my problem by writing a parser in javascript. the results (for now) lead me to believe I might be able to get it done without triggering an event.

Remember that you can use custom Javascript code within Jquery's block of code and this task is really simple using custom Javascript. Really simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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