Hello my friends. I've been dealing with a problem in an asp.net page that im developing. Generally I don't develop in ASP.NET i prefer desktop applications.

But here is my problem, I have to create a kind of image wall (4 Faces in a 2x2 row), i'm almost done with that part, but i need that when the user clicks one of the faces a counter will appear above the face and start counting the clicks that have been made to that face. I've been googling a lot, i have found some examples but most of them are for ASP pages and no longer work with ASP.NET, besides when the counter reaches certain number of clicks, the face will be grayed out( or disabled) so i need to validate the clicks. So mu question is how can i create an URL Hit Counter?? It doesn't matter at all if it is based on SQL or TXT database.

Thank you so much in advanced!!

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you want handle it for perticlar session?
if yes have session level variable. in click event of face count and validate

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