Hello friends,

I am new in php.I need your help in sending sms through HTTP.
Could you suggest me what to do?

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relaxe every one we were all like this at one point you need to research sms gateways if u get a paid one then they will provide you the code or api if u want a free sms gateway you are look for gold dust to get a good (sends the text within 1000 years lol) one in england

have a look here at setting one up


A lot of providers have an email address for each customer that you can send emails to. Those emails get converted to text messages/SMS automatically & without charge to the sender.

yes the answer bove is correct but i had a gander at that and not all providers prodived that service eg virgin mobile uk
though gmail do a sms service free but only for cananda and usa and ghana and a few others :D

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I did some research on this for a website I wrote a while back.
It seems you can send SMS for free to USA and India by checking the phone carriers website for the email address (as stated by quasipickle above).
I live in the UK and only managed to find services where you buy packs of 'credits' that are used to send each message.

Thanks Everyone For reply!!!
I have api of a SMS service provider But i don't know how to integrate.
Could you please tell me the steps for that.

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Hi again jacob21,

The company that provides the api should have some documentation on how to access it. It should be a fairly simple process but it varies from company to company.


check this site --racklane.com.

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