Hello friends,

I am new in php.I need your help in sending sms through HTTP.
Could you suggest me what to do?

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A lot of providers have an email address for each customer that you can send emails to. Those emails get converted to text messages/SMS automatically & without charge to the sender.


yes the answer bove is correct but i had a gander at that and not all providers prodived that service eg virgin mobile uk
though gmail do a sms service free but only for cananda and usa and ghana and a few others :D


I did some research on this for a website I wrote a while back.
It seems you can send SMS for free to USA and India by checking the phone carriers website for the email address (as stated by quasipickle above).
I live in the UK and only managed to find services where you buy packs of 'credits' that are used to send each message.


Thanks Everyone For reply!!!
I have api of a SMS service provider But i don't know how to integrate.
Could you please tell me the steps for that.


Hi again jacob21,

The company that provides the api should have some documentation on how to access it. It should be a fairly simple process but it varies from company to company.


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