SO am am soon going to build a blog. what I would like to know is how to do the prvious posts button at the bottom of the page with like the 1|2|3...Next|Last that type I was just wondering how it is done I know to fill the Homepage your query would be like

$sql=select * from post limit 5 order by date asc

so when the person clicks for page two how does the php handle that and what is the sql is it like

$sql=select * from post limit(5, 5) order by date asc

to fetch the next five or what? and most importantly how to you make the PHP handler

first get the number off all posts:

$number= mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM post"));

then do

$sites = ceil($number/5);

to get how many pages there are. (5 is the number of posts per page)
now test if $sites > 1, now if its over 1 use a for-loop to create the Navigation, like this:

if($sites>1) {
if(!isset($_GET['page'])) { if visiting the first page, there is no Previous
 echo ">Previous | ";
} else {
 echo "<a href='index.php?page=".($_GET['page']-1)."'>Previous</a> | ";
 echo "<a href='index.php'>1</a> | ";
 for($i=1; $i <$sites;$i++) {
  if($_GET['page']==$i {
   echo ($i+1)." | ";
   echo "<a href='index.php?page=".$i."'>".($i+1)."</a> | ";
if($_GET['page']!=($sites-1)) { //If you are visiting last page, there is no Next anymore
 echo "<a href='index.php?page=".($_GET['page']+1)."'>Next</a>";
} else {
 echo "Next";

this code should work

Intesting so then how would It display the contents of that page like if I clicked on page 5 how would it structure the SQl to get the specific page would it be

$page = $i*5
$sql = select * from posts limit($page,5)

where it would take the page number times it by 5 to get the post starting from that point and limit to 5?

use this at top of the page:

if(!isse($_GET['page')) { $limit = 0;}else { $limit = $_GET['page']*5; }

and the sql is everywhere on the page the same:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM posts LIMIT ".$limit.",5";