hello all. i have this code...

@mkdir("C:\wamp\www\uma\member media\member tracks\'$memberid'") or die(mysql_error());

... it works but the folder it makes is in single quotes. i'd like to have the folder it makes have no quotes at all. its creating 'FOLDER' when i just want it to read FOLDER. i've tried...

@mkdir("C:\wamp\www\uma\member media\member tracks\\"$memberid\"") or die(mysql_error());


@mkdir("C:\wamp\www\uma\member media\member tracks\$memberid") or die(mysql_error());

...but they don't work properly. any ideas?


@mkdir("C:\\wamp\\www\\uma\\member media\\member tracks\\$memberid")


@mkdir("C:\\wamp\\www\\uma\\member media\\member tracks\\".$memberid) or die(mysql_error());

On Edit:

Javvy's right... You do need the double backslash. This is because a single backslash(\) is an escape character.

thanks Javvy. worked great. so, just to make sure i understand, when refering to a pathname in php i must always use the double backslash (since the single backslash is an escape character like Sudeepjd said) cool thanx guys

that's right. have fun!