Hi, Iam sending email campaigns to our customers through our SMTP Server. Is there a way to directly remove the email addresses of the users to whom the email has been bounced directly from the recipient list database. Is there a software that could do this. Or can it be done technically???

I also need the spam compliant notification. That is, if sum recipients click on "Report Spam" , i should get notification. Those email ids should also be deleted from the recipient list database.Can this be done technically?

Technically this is possible, in fact there are a vast amount of services that offer this kind of functionality. However, the complexity of creating something like this is outside of the scope of this forum.

If you want this kind of functionality I would suggest you look at some of the services that already offer this through an api. Some services I have used and worked with in the past include, SendGrid, Streamsend and MailChimp but there are many more.

You can build a program that uses IMAP to read the bounce-back emails and then delete from the list.