I have an online orders database which prints fpdfs for delivery notes and off hire notes. I have looked into digital signitures on fpdf but have not found anything useful.

Would it be possible to use a very simple paint program on the web inserted in your orders page where when u go out to the customer (u could use ur phone etc) they sign using the paint pad and it saves the image to that order in an mysql db.

? any theories or other methods around this problem are welcome


For online signatures, you normally click a button that is associated with some text that explains your legal obligation once you click the button. Since PC's don't have signature pads, how do you expect a signature of this sort to be entered. If you have ever tried freehand with a mouse you know that the result isn't something that you'd want to put any legal weight on. Just do what everyone else does. Don't know why you classify it as a "problem".

You are completely correct but I I just wanted to know my options . When I sign for parcels at the door I get given a screen and a little pen . I would just provide the customer with my iPhone and the input paint field to sign .
Are u saying that for example I deliver my goods and then get them to press a button on delivery to say they have accepted the goods ?

It wasn't clear from your initial post that you want to do this like FEDEX. If all of the transactions will be face-to-face and if you plan to use a phone with a touchscreen, then I guess that your original solution might work. You would need to find a web-based paint program interface that will work with a touchscreen. You also need to consider what to do if the internet connection is down. For parcel services, I would bet that their handheld device has a local program and that it doesn't depend on a wireless connection. I would be inclined to go low-tech and print the receipt in advance.

thanks for your advice chrishea ill let u know how i get on ;)