I'm trying to somehow download all pictures on a website FIRST before anything else happens... the problem I'm experiencing is that when a user comes to the site - none of the images are loading, sometimes they show, sometimes they don't... I believe that if the client downloads all the images prior to anything else then it will force the browser to see the images... or am I wrong?


There is no way to alter the way a browser renders a page. You can however use a tool like Firebug and try to find out why the images aren't loading.
If the images aren't loading it's likely that there is something wrong. Firebug will let you see the HTTP requests to see which ones are failing along with the error code (if any).
Something I find handy for finding errors is running

tail -f /path/to/error_log

on your error log, then making a request and you'll be able to see the errors as they come in.

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