Hi i am not sure if this is PHP but what i am looking for is an API that can track a players info in a game. All of his levels gained, all of his experience gained and so on.
I have been talking to players from another game i play and they are no real help, they have an API themselves but haven't really explained it to me in a way that i can make one myself. I am asking for a basic API no framework or anything i will do the tables myself just need to know how to get the info. The game creator will give me all the info i need to make this API.

I have an example of what i am looking for. (This is from the game i mentioned above):


Or this one:


Hope you can help, Thanks.

API means Application Program Interface. What application are you talking about?
Do you want to program a score list in PHP? What does your input look like?

I was told it was an API they used. And that it was all done in codes too. I do not know much about anything to do with an API just the fact that you can make highscores and graphs with it. Any information you have on one i would like to know. And yes a program score list yes.

Nah, i am not hiring a programmer for a free game.