Can somebody help me get my lingo and terms correct?

I have a website hosted on (please no criticisms, I know it's not the best. It's temporary). It the most basic hosting option.

I need to run a nightly script at a specific time. I know and use php, mysql and html. The script will retrieve data from my db, so that I can make changes, and then update with the new data.

I think that what I want to do is write a python script?? And then find out 'if I can' and 'how to' get it onto my host server??

I have tried to Google, but the problem is that I don't know the proper terms to ask. So far I seem to get wrong results.

What I am asking for is somebody to point me in the right direction. Tell me exactly what it is I am asking for, so I can take it to Godaddy and ask them if they offer that.

If they don't, if you know of a hosting company that does, I will accept suggestions.

thanks in advance,


Cron is the Linux facility that schedules jobs based on start time. Most hosts provide it. Usually there is some kind of setup utility for it that you can access from your Control Panel. You can schedule a PHP program using Cron but if you prefer Python, you can probably do it that way as well.