I'm building an ecommerce site with php and I'm trying to build an account page so users can manage their credit card info, shipping info, orders, etc...

I wanted to design my own Manage Payment options on my site and not have to redirect the user to like paypal to input their credit information or whatever. I was wondering if someone can guide me towards the direction of where I can figure out how to implement security and being able to have users input their credit information in my site but it will be stored somewhere else? Also, I would like to use my own site to have users input their own shipping information and all that.

Thank you

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There are many free shopping cart packages that probably deal with what you want to do. Why start from scratch? From a customer point of view, I wouldn't want to use your credit card processing if you are doing it yourself. With PayPal, I have a reasonable level of confidence with their security. They also provide some buyer protection if things don't go well with the purchase. As a merchant, it is easy to get a PayPal account and start selling online. It isn't so easy to get a Mastercard and a Visa account through a Bank or a Credit Processor to do the same thing.


I dont want to use packages because I'm really trying to learn php on my own. And I've come a long way teaching myself. I know paypal is a secure way. I don't intend to store any of the credit information. But was just wondering how I can pass along information through paypal? Like if i have my own

<input name='fname' />
<input name='lname'>
... etc
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