Hello everybody :)

for the past 3/4 months i have been learning nonstop in various subjects ranging from html css javascript ( also jquery framwork ) and php i have also been able to put up a static website ( using only htm and css )

after learning more about database/php/javascript having hard time to understand how its all put together now

if php let me generate the header/footer for every page instead of hard codding it ... where will the java script goes then ?

what im trying to do now is build a website where there is accidents reported from my local company and people would be able to comment on each article/accident

does that mean every article is saved in database ? and every comment is save in database ?

Thank you for your time

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Yes, that's right. All comments and articles will be stored in a database, the alternative is to store the info local files which to be honest is a bit of a pain. Just set up your MySQL database and have the articles and comments stored in there.

To use PHP header, footer, simply create your header and save it to header.php for example and then on the page ou want the header displayed simply add require("header.php");

Thank you for the informative replay

how much further i should learn about database design ( other then the basic ) to make site like i mentioned earlier ?

just start,
if you have problems just google or 'daniweb'

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