Hi I am new to programming in asp.net with c#. I am using visual studio 2010. I am trying to insert data entered by a user into the database.

My code is as follows:

adsStudents.InsertParameters["Stu_ID"].DefaultValue = txtStudID.Text.ToString();
        adsStudents.InsertParameters["Stu_Name"].DefaultValue = txtName.Text.ToString();
        adsStudents.InsertParameters["Stu_Passwd"].DefaultValue = txtPasswd.Text.ToString();
        adsStudents.InsertParameters["Stu_Prog"].DefaultValue = ddlProgramme.SelectedValue.ToString();

        //add a record in the majors table for each major per student
        adsMajors.InsertParameters["Stud_ID"].DefaultValue = txtStudID.Text.ToString();
        foreach (ListItem item in cblMajors.Items)
            if (item.Selected){
                adsMajors.InsertParameters["Stu_Majors"].DefaultValue = item.Value.ToString();

It doesn't give any errors when compiled but it gives this message when run: Use the New keyword to create the instance. This code worked fine with Visual Web Developer.

Can someone please explain what's wrong and how to correct it.