I am a big fan of the jqtransform plugin http://www.dfc-e.com/metiers/multimedia/opensource/jqtransform/ but have discovered that when you add to many select fields on a page, the bottom half of the select fields do not open the option fields.

I have a form which takes an passenger's date of birth, but there can be up to 9 passengers on a booking, so for every passenger there would be 3 select fields for the date of birth, the day, the month and the year. When I do not use the jqtransform plugin to style the select fields it works perfectly, but when the plugin is active the 3rd or 4th passenger's select fields's click event does not work anymore.

The code for this plugin can be found at the above mentioned url. Even you add more select fields on there example the bottom select fields do not work.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Updated: fixed my own problem! I found the problem was that jqtransform applied a z-index and then minus this index by 1 every time a new select field is added, their default value was set to 10 - index, index being 1, so after 11 select fields the z-index would go into a negative amount resulting in the field being impossible to click. All i did was increase the default z-index from 10 to 40, giving me enough room to add a lot of select fields.

This could also be a problem if I add an select field to an div which has a lower z-index then the select fields. if anyone has a better solution please share.

Thanks man!

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