I was wondering if anybody out there is using Aptana Studio 3,
For the last 3 months i have changed from dreamweaver to aptana and have had no regrets.
I found that dreamweaver has alot of blah blah on their interface...

What are your thoughts?
and any other great editors that you can think of that kick dreamweaver`s @$$?

Microsoft Expression Studio works pretty well too. The thing is, I only use web design software for the intellisense and the code formatting, since I wite every single line of code in my design (This way, when there's an error in my code, I'm most likely to know exactly where the problem is).

Expression Web does a pretty good job at precisely that, plus it has a feature that allows you to see your code parsed in real time

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Well we all know the pull of Aptana vs. $$Dreamweaver. I use both, depending on the project. My version of DW is MX2004, but it pretty much does everything I need - which is very little. In fact I use Notepad++ as times too, just depends on the project or even my mood. I find DW useful for quickies - I can use it to FTP and 'just run'. I find Aptana a pain for setting up run (view) routines. Does it have FTP? I couldn't find it. Also the code completion really bugs me. Whenever I type a " it doubles it up. I'm sure there's a way to turn off this setting...

Anyway, for free, Aptana 3 is awesome. I'd recommend it to anyone. Along with Filezilla Client, no need to spend anything on $$Dreamweaver.

I also used Eclipse for a while, but I got so confused, I trashed it. Far too complicated for a simple soul like me.

Ardav i agree, I suppose it does depend on the mood... It`s just that for me, Dreamweaver makes me feel like im following a wizard, there are no challenges except for your code, otherwise everything is given to you on a platter, fair enough, time in coding plays a big part, but its so easy to "program" in dreamweaver, id love to see if more than half of people could still program a website in plain old notepad.

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Well, now I see your true colours! No use for poncey, popular commercial software eh?Do you believe that they actually charge for the software? The bloomin temerity of it! How dare they make it easy for newbies to program. Make 'em struggle I say, give 'em a pencil and a blank piece of paper. Takin' liberties is what it is. When I were a lad, we had to scratch zeros and ones into slate and get the teacher to ridicule the idiot who misplaced the 2072nd digit. How we laughed... :)

I have to say, code completion/hinting certainly save me a lot of time having to consult the php manual. The order of needles and haystacks and position start etc etc in string functions send me nuts. Hinting saves me tons of time. I won't bash DW for trying to streamline workflow. It's not perfect, but there again, no single piece of software is.
Aptana has a more 'works engine' feel to it, cutting edge doodads, but just a little experimental and rough looking. It's a developer's IDE.
DW on the other hand is the 'family engine', a sort of version you can hang pink fluffy dice on. A designer's idea of what an IDE should be.

My 2c.

:D indeed! i truly believe web developers/programmers have lost their quality over the past couple of years due to the "spoon fed" knowledge that modern programs are offering, and no, im not referring to DW :) , im actually quite fond of DW for their Design view..... But hey, never trust a program over a browser. Saving time? im all for it... my way to save time would be to write kickass functions that sort of auto-complete themselves or create snippet libraries. but hey thats just me.

a sort of version you can hang pink fluffy dice on. A designer's idea of what an IDE should be.

Classic! :D
will remember that one!

Too many people are getting hung up on the tools, on another forum recently I saw a comment that stated to be able to create web site all you needed to do was learn Dreamweaver. Someone responded with all you need to write a book is learn Microsoft Word. I regularly view the Adobe DW Facebook page and the amount of people who believe all they need is DW is amazing.
90% of my development is done in Codeigniter now so I use DW for PHP and I have to admit that the auto syntax checking in CS5 is useful, along with the snippets feature which is useful for jQuery and PHP.
I like Aptana and I think if they could have a winner if you could define a MVC structure with it, so frameworks like CI, Cake and others were recognized.
The good thing about using something like CI that has no recognizable IDE available is that if forces you to get under the hood more.
As far as CSS is concerned DW is certainly the market leader but I don't use the design view, don't trust it, test everything locally in IE, Firefox and Chrome then before deployment do further testing in other browsers.
I like Notepad++, when I first started out (I'm old) I used WordStar non-document mode as an editor and Notepad++ reminds me of that, it's quick easy to use and can be run from a USB stick - very useful.
You could spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect editor, when there are much more important aspects to making a successful site - speed, SEO, accessibility etc etc.
I no fan of Adobe and I think DW has lost some ground since they bought it.

trangman, good idea with the MVC structure...

You could spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect editor

I dont think there will ever be a perfect 1.... some will always have what others dont and vice versa.