Hi Guys, I'm new to programming and webdesign, but my girlfriend asked me if I'd build her a site for her massage therapy with an online booking calendar as she can't take calls for bookings during work so I thought I'd have a go.

I've pretty much finished the booking calendar (about 80% done), and I managed to make dynamic sub categories to input services/duration info and get them to display and record data in my SQL database. You can view it here. www.laurenjames.com.au/admin.php You can log in with USERNAME: admin PASSWORD: admin. You'll have to click on the 'calendar setting tab' and the bit I'm talking about it the part at the top.

the bookings calendar is here if your interested www.laurenjames.com.au/dropdownmenu.php

Anyway.. The whole point of this post is that I was wondering if dynamic subcategories had been done before, and if so if there was a pretty standard way of doing it.

I'm doing another site now(a shopping cart) and I want to do the same thing for adding categories/subcatogories for the main shop menu. Thing is.. The way I originaly did them made perfect sence to me at the time, but looking back on my code is a nightmare as I didn't bother to comment it (thought I couldn't possibly forget what was going on).

I'd like to learn more about this kinda stuff anyway, so I'm more than prepaired to look into it in more depth if anyone can recommend any books etc. I work in meat factory at the moment and it sucks. I found I really enjoy web building and programming so am keen to lean all I can, as it's better than slaughering cows for $13 per hour.


as it's better than slaughering cows for $13 per hour

in my country even for programming 13$ per hour is nice sum :) I wish I could earn that much.. :) I should probably leave my country and get a job in your country in meat factory then I would be rich :D

I don't know what's going on but I can't get to either url you gave.