Dear All,
I am using urlencode for me to send data via get method. The problem I have used it in two places in my code. The problem I notice I get different values one is cN=BASF+Petronas&tN=Defensive+driving+training and another is %3FaCID%3D20%26aTID%3D1%26cN%3DBASF+Petronas%26tN%3DDefensive+driving+training. The problem when I tried to do $cN=$_GET; and $tN=$_GET; it gives me error on the second urlencode. I can not see the error but just a page saying page not found. Why is it happening like this?

It is because you are urlencode-ing the "&" and "="

Dear Javy,
I find out the problem is that first one is do like this <a href=javascript:confirmDelete('$deleteLink')>. It means once it is confirmDelete then it will go through this java script and it works fine. So second one I dont ask any confirmation and that is where it has problem. So now I have create purposely a javascript to send the url like <a href=javascript:confirmActivate('$activateLink')> and it works. So I would like to know why is it that via the javascript it works but not just by itself.

function confirmDelete(delUrl) {
  if (confirm("Are you sure you want to delete")) {
    document.location = delUrl;
function confirmActivate(acUrl) {
  document.location = acUrl;  
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