I don't know where this thread fits, but since I need a new host for my PHP sites, I thought it would fit best here. So my current host seems to have like a 95% (at best) uptime, which is very bad. I want a host with at least a 99.9% uptime, below $40/mo, low maintenance, a control panel, and excellent customer support. Below are webhosts that I have used and deemed unreliable

  • FatCow
  • Globat
  • iPage
  • JustHost
  • VodaHost (expensive)
  • Xenon Servers (current)
  • 1and1(yuk! 2 days to reply to emails)

Any recommendations? Please only recommend hosts that you have personally used and are not on the list above. Thinking about going VPS, but I don't know, seems like a lot of work.
I have yet to try GoDaddy, but anyone with first hand experience with them please speak up.

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I have not used a lot of different hosts so my opinion may lack some experience but I have used site5 for the last 3 years and have been happy so far. I had a couple of issues with them where the site went down but they are very responsive and got it back up quickly. I like the control I have mostly and with VPS you would probably have even more.

I work on a site hosted on GoDaddy and I really don't like them. The control panel sucks, the servers seems slower than usual, and their FTP continually gives me errors when trying to connect.

Godaddy is great for domains, but not for much else,
Site 1 hostexcellence is going to be the best option becuase you can use coldfusion as well as php, .net and many other programming languages, coldfusion is good for high security apps and the like

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JustHost - great service so far. I've used xcalibre (v. expensive) and streamline.net (renewal scam!) recently. Neither had cpanel and were really stingy with subdomains and mysql dbs.

JustHost was I believe the second host I ever used. It's just that their support is linked to FatCow, iPage, and a few others (don't know the names). Whenever I talked to their support, I was actually smarter than they were... and I was 15 at the time -.-'

For VPS, has anyone had good experiences with Rackspace or Linode?

You can see ratings for a number of hosting companies here.

I have used ICDSoft for many years. They provide high reliability and great service.

Sorry, ICDSoft limits MySQL databases. There should be no need to do any such thing. I develop A LOT of websites for myself and clients. Heck, just all my test sites take up 12 databases. 99% of other hosts offer unlimited MySQL and FTP accounts. Going to have to pass on ICDSoft, sorry.
https://icdsoft.com/hosting.php << Source

You should try looking at some of the reviews on WHT, most of the industry leaders in hosting (large and small) have representatives there to answer questions, but any of the sticky threads in whatever you're looking for (dedicated/vps/shared/other) are pretty much a sure thing. I currently host at two places, one place is GoDaddy, which is solid hosting despite their crappy control panel and its poor user experience; the other place is HawkHost, who uses cPanel (my favorite) but doesn't offer dedicated servers.

I have used LiquidWeb and recommended to it many people for everything for shared, vps, dedicated, virtualization etc etc. In years of service I have never personally experienced a LiquidWeb outage.

If you check out WHT they have great reviews and used to be very active members of that forum.

Their support is top notch including 24/7 phone support. Pick up the phone, dial the number, talk to a real person in the states, get your problem solved. They go above and beyond for their customers and absolutely get what you pay for.

LiquidWeb doesn't look worth it. They charge extra just to host addon domains and sub domains? That seems kind of outrageous to me...

Add-on/virtual domains are just $5/month extra (You get 2 for free, charge applies for additional ones.)

Or does that just apply for registering domains with them? Can I still use all my GoDady Domains with them for free via DNS?

5 sub domains

Really strange to limit sub domains.
http://www.liquidweb.com/cart/content/shared/Shared/Standard << Source

All i'm looking for is a web host with:

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited domains (addon domains)
  • Unlimited sub domains (can't believe I have to mention this)
  • Under $50/mo
  • Not on the bad host list on first post

Bad hosts I've used...

  • FatCow
  • Globat
  • iPage
  • JustHost
  • VodaHost (expensive)
  • Xenon Servers (current)
  • 1and1(yuk! 2 days to reply to emails)

I guess I am just in dream land.
Anyone used AJK servers ( http://www.ajkservers.co.uk/ )? thinking about using them. Best bang for the buck and I heard their support is good, great uptimes, etc...

There are many best VPS hosting providers. But i strongly prefer 9cubehosting.com. They provide reliable services at affordable prices. You can get VPS hosting plans starting from $19.99/month with 12GB disk space and 0.3TB bandwidth. You can also get cPanel installations from them.They provide top quality VPS hosting solutions under Linux platform with dedicated IP address Moreover, They provide Daily backups, 99.9% Service up-time guarantee,24x7 customer support,One-Hour Ticket/E-mail Response Guarantee Included.

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