Pls can somebody help me. I'm developing a project using In my project, I'm using a repeater. But I can't seem to use OnItemCommand or OnCommand. It's showing this compilation error, e.g. BC30456: 'selectitem' is not a member of 'ASP.usermainform_aspx'. This error shows in all repeaters across my forms AND it also shows even if I create a new different Project and create a new repeater there.

I'm using Visual Web 2008 Express Edition. Appreciate any help.


I guess I really have to stop asking this forum UNTIL I have exhausted everything to solve my problem :=) I just solved this from reading another thread from another webforum. It just didn't occur to me. Inside my repeater tag, I put a line OnItemCommand="selectitem". Then I compiled. It shows an error because I should put this method in my code-behind (even if I still don't have the codes inside it yet):

Protected sub selectitem(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e As RepeaterCommandEventArgs

End sub

I didn't know that. I really had an intention to put this (because it's obviously my code to edit my RepeaterItem), but later. I didn't know it could throw an error :=)