Hi to all,

I have a problem with a timer on an ASP .NET website. The timer has an interval of five seconds and every five seconds a part of the page reloads (UpdatePanel). On this UpdatePanel there are some textboxes where the user can insert some text. While the UpdatePanel makes a reload (which ASP .NET do it automatically), normally all Controls lose their focus. I managed that the control which had the focus last, gets the focus again (with the help of ICallbackEventHandler and JavaScript).

The problem I have is that in the first interval there is no problem. In the second there is nearly no problem, the only problem is, that the cursor in the textbox is not in the end, it's in the beginning. But that is not my major problem here.

In the third interval no textbox can any focus. And every second interval after this is the same that the user can't insert any text to the textboxes. Only in the fourth interval ther user can insert some text. Does someone has some solutions to this problem or any idea how to solve this problem ?