I am using visual studios 2008 combined with ASP.NET prog language. On my master page I have a div in the center of the page, which is called #nav in the css page. This div is a square box, althou I would like to curve the angels of the div box. Is this possible, and can anyone help?


Asp.net makes our life much more easier and simpler

Download ajax control toolkit 3.5 for your visual studio 2008

When you add it to your website or project successfully by adding a tab in your control box and adding the reference for ajax in your toolbox.
1) Do this just by right clicking on toolbox (on a blank area)
2) Add tab
--> Name it as Ajax Controls
--> A tab is made by this way
3) Right click on blank area of this Ajax Controls tab pane
4) Click on 'Choose items'
5) Select the 'ajaxcontroll.dll' file or something like that,you will get this from the ajax control toolkit download folder.

Now you will see lots of ajax controls,from it use Roundercornesextender for any control that you wish to give a rounder corner

Remember this rounded extender cannot be applied to textboxes and all.
But it will work great for panels,div if marked as server tag by runnat server attribute. with it.

Hope it will help you... :)

When i download it into my file, and then choose items and i do not see ajaxcontroll.dll however i do see a folder called ajaxcontroltoolkit and a folder called ajaxcontrolextender, and then a sln file called ajaxcontrolToolkit.sln. I have tried opening them all but it doesnt let me.

I then found this website to help me

In this website it says save: 2.Copy the contents of this zip file directly into the bin directory of your web site

If this is correct way, I do not know what bin directory of my website is? And neither can i find a 'ajaxcontroll.dll'

Hope to hear from you soon

Yeaahh,the solution given in that site is also a correct one.
Download the dll only version AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5SP1-DllOnly.zip
and unzip it simply.
After unzipping it save the extracted files in your projects bin folder.
1 ) In case you do not see your bin folder,then open your project in VisualStudio 2008
2 ) Right click on your project inside the 'Solution Explorer',remember right click on the project in the solution explorer and not on the solution link mentioned in solution explorer.
3 ) You will see a 'Add Asp.net Folder',select 'Bin' from that menu.
4 ) This will add a Bin folder in your project.

Now you know how to get bin folder and you have also added a tab in your toolbox specifically for Ajax controls.
Next step is to
1 ) Right click,choose items,Browse and here select your Bin folder,you will definelty see a file named AjaxControlToolkit.dll or a similar name.
Select it.
Slowly all controls will be added inside your named Ajax tag.
2 ) Find a RoundedCorner extender from it and then see what happens..


BIN folder
ASP.NET recognizes the Bin folder of a website as a special folder for specific types of content. A Bin folder is meant to contain compiled assemblies (.dll files) for custom ASP.NET controls, components, or other code that you want to reference in your ASP.NET web application.

You can store compiled assemblies in the Bin folder, and other code anywhere in the web application (such as code for pages) automatically references it. A typical example is that you have the compiled code for a custom class. You can copy the compiled assembly to the Bin folder of your Web application and the class is then available to all pages.

Source from msdn microsoft for defining Bin folder :)
Sorry for the late reply as I was enjoying India Pakistan Semi final...

Thnxs the ajax controls have been installed now into my visual studios software, and yes I can see the RoundedCorner extender tool, although I am unaware of how to use it.

Do I have to create a new div or can i change the angels on the current div? I have also tried dragging this tool and nothing has happened.

Hope to hearm from you soon, and congrats to India Lol

To make your current Div with rounded corners

1 ) put a runat="server" as one of the div's attribute, this will make that div as one of the asp.net server side running control

2 ) Give a id="myRoundedDiv" as its ID attribute

3 ) After doing 1 and 2 points,come to design view and you will be able to see a Smart menu on the top right corner of your DIV
4 ) If point 3 does not help you,simply drag and drop that rounded corner extension on your div and change some properties of it

5 ) If 3 and 4 doesnt work, Take Asp.net Panel control,it will easily allow to select that rounded corner extension.

Panel controls, depending on a specific property, render to the browser as a Div or Span. Since it is a server control, it can use almost all of the Ajax controls from the toolkit. The smart tag will give you the option to add an extender, where you can select your rounded corners.

Another note about the bin directory. If you publish your webpage (precompile), all your code files (.vb or .cs) get compiled into .dll files and placed in the bin directory. You're AppCode folder will disappear completely. This is a good way to protect your source code if you're selling your site as a product, where only you want to be able to modify it. Just remember to obfuscate your web.config file if you do. This is something you may not have to worry about though.

For some reason I am still able to open up any of my ajax tools, althou they are appearing in the toolbox. Does anyone know why dis is happening?

Hey Khan43,

I believe if it is only about rounded corners in the Div, then it can simply be acheived using proper CSS. Why need of AjaxControlToolKit here?.

you can view some techniques here.

Hope this help.:idea:

Prashant is also right,that it can be achieved using CSS and proper image settings,but the reason that i suggested him to use Ajax is to simplify all those things, plus to feel the power of Ajax provided by ajax control toolkit.

And khan i am not able to understand your question..
Are you not able to see any ajax controlss ???
Not able to use it in your project or web page???

So prashant what could I write in my css code to turn the angels of my div?

Akash yes it is good to explore ajax!! When i drag a tool from ajax It shows a link called PASSWORDSTRENGTH.ICO & when i click the link it takes me to a security lock symbol. I do not seem to know what is going on?

    padding: 10px;
    margin: 10px;
    color: #FFFF00;
    font-family: Times New Roman;
    font-size: medium;
    font-weight: bold;
    left: 175px;
    text-align: left;
    position: absolute;
    top: 30px;
    width: 920px;
    background-color: #669900;
    height: 850px;

This is my div css code, what should I add to this to curl the angels?