Hello all,

I seem to have a problem, hope if you can help me out.

So the application is written in asp.net c#, and its implemented on a win server 2008 R2 iis 7. sql 2008

The server has two network cards, each on a seperate subnet. So that people from those different networks can access the application.

When both networks are working, the application starts to slow and produce errors. However, if we disconnect one of the networks. The application works great.

Anyone can help me out on this ?

Appreciate the help :).

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It may be an IIS configuration issue, IIS handles the networking aspect for ASP.NET, I'm not sure what exactly the solution would be, but that's where I would look first.

Well I looked there and tried to see if there is anything that is related to network tweakings, but couldnt find anything related, anything in particulare I need to do there ?

Thanks for the reply

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