I'm having difficulty getting variables that are passed to another page in a url after migrating from an apache on window server to a apache on unix server.

Here is the url:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;url=/i-cmsys/editableinvoice/index.php?edit_mileage=<?php echo $_POST['edit_currentmileage']; ?>&edit_servicearea=<?php echo $edit_servicearea_str; ?>&inputbox=<?php echo $_POST['inputbox']; ?>&edit_clientID=<?php echo $_POST['edit_clientID']; ?>&edit_firstname=<?php echo $_POST['edit_firstname']; ?>&edit_lastname=<?php echo $_POST['edit_lastname']; ?>&edit_address=<?php echo $_POST['edit_address']; ?>&edit_city=<?php echo $_POST['edit_city']; ?>&edit_state=<?php echo $_POST['edit_state']; ?>&edit_zipcode=<?php echo $_POST['edit_zipcode']; ?>&edit_caryear=<?php echo $_POST['edit_caryear']; ?>&dhtmlgoodies_subcategoryupdate=<?php echo $_POST['dhtmlgoodies_subcategoryupdate']; ?>&dhtmlgoodies_categoryupdate=<?php echo $_POST['dhtmlgoodies_categoryupdate']; ?>&edit_company=<?php echo $_POST['edit_company']; ?>&edit_customerid=<?php echo $_POST['edit_customerid']; ?>&currentmileage=<?php echo $_POST['currentmileage']; ?>'">

To get the variables on the receiving page, I wrote:

<div id="vehicleid"><label><strong><u>Vehicle Information</u></strong></label><p>Year: <?php echo $edit_caryear?></p><p>Type: <?php echo $dhtmlgoodies_categoryupdate?></p><p>Make: <?php echo $dhtmlgoodies_subcategoryupdate?></p><p>Vehicle Plate# <?php echo $edit_clientID?></p><p>Account# <?php echo $edit_customerid?></p><p>Current Mileage: <?php echo $edit_mileage?></p></div>

This works fine on my windows server, but at all on the unix machine.

Does anyone have any idea as to any modification that needs to be added?

I appreciate some thoughts on this!


If i understand corectly:
You have something like a form (no listing) that sends data to a page (listing 1)
that sends the data to /i-cmsys/editableinvoice/index.php (listing 2)

if so:
Data send in th url is GET data

echo $_GET['edit_mileage'];

Thanks for the response; any ideas at to why my current method

<?php echo $edit_mileage?>

works fine on apache for windows but not on unix server?


Found my problem, inside my php.ini, register_globals was set to Off. Changing to on, resolved issue.


That is not advissed.

In PHP 5.3.0 that has been DEPRECATED e.a it doesn't work anymore

so, is it advisable than to change from

<?php echo $edit_mileage?>


<?php echo $_GET['edit_mileage']?>;

Or if you gone use that var more: do

$edit_mileage= $_GET['edit_mileage']
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This could all die if a $_GET var is missing. Validate and clean all input before using it.

Thank you guys for the help on this issue!


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ok are you solved?

Yes, on this issue, I'm solved! Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.