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Hy guys i was creating small page , with mobile phones .
And i need little push .
The problem is this :
On main page i have small drop down menu which contain some values .
And i want to take the value and display the appropriate stuff inside a iframe . Every value has to contain different things but it need to be displayed inside the frame.? It is for mobile phones , and i want to sort them by price , like cheap , expensive etc. but i got stuck , what would be the best way to do it ?The problem how to display more of them into a one div , and many more . Well how would you do this ..dont need to know the code just the logic.Cause i used this :

var range 
			function set(){
			cheap =new Array(6);
			middle =new Array();
			moderate =new Array();
			expensive = new Array();
			range = document.getElementById('Select1').value;

			if (range=='cheap'){
				function LoadCheapPhones(){
			      cheap[j] = new Array(2);

cheap[0][0] ="LG GS101";
 cheap[0][1]= "<table><td width='300' height='450'><p align='center'><b >LG GS101</b><p><img src='pictures/LG/LGGS101.gif' width='300' height='300'><p align='center'><a href='PDF/LGgs101.pdf' target='_blank' ><img src='pictures/pdf.gif' border='0' ></a></p></td><tr><td width='300'><ul ><li><b>Type:</b>Classic</li><li><b>Dimensions:</b>103x43x12 mm</li><li><b>Weight:</b>65g</li><li><b>Display:</b>65k.colors</li><li><b>Display res.</b>128px/128px</li><li><b>Operating System:</b>Lg</li><li><b>Camera:</b>None</li><li><b>Battery:</b>950mAh/Li-Ion</li><li><b>StandBY Time:</b>Maximum:420Hours</li><li><b>Memory:</b>None</li><li><b>Extern Memory:</b>None</li><li><b>Gps:</b>None</li><li><b>Price:</b>48,996Eur</li></ul></td></tr></table>"

				function ShowPhoneRange(){
					 var z;
			     z=document.getElementById("PhoneRange");>>> this is div created in other page , n i need to display about 10 phones inside it ..
			        if(cheap[j][0] == document.Sidefrm.Select1.value){
					   z.innerHTML = cheap[j][1] ;

Iam not sure if this is close to the solution ....

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