Hi ppl,

I have been using fpdf for a quite sometime now and it works fine, but at times when i make some changes(changes does not include printing/echo/redirecting before genrating pdf, but yes i do use lot of empty space/indentation for readability n this did not create problem earlier.) in the script, i get stuck with this weird issue, where no pdf, no error msg nothing is generated when i try to run the script.

on fpdf site they have mentioned about similar on IE browser, where as i am using google chrome. has anyone else faced similar issue, if so, could you pls help me resolve this issue. on previous ocassions when i faced similar issue, i wud replace the current version with backup version n continue, but this time i dont wanna go that way, i want to find a solution to this once for all or go for any alternative to fpdf..

so, pls do suggest better alternative to fpdf as well. I need to generate pdf for an invoice.

thanks for your time and suggestion

I use HTML2PDF which provides a simple interface and it takes care of the details. I believe that the older version used fpdf. The newer one here uses tcpdf and works pretty well.

thanks chrishea, seems like i have to move to HTML2PDF.